Why Are Hydrovac Truck Services in Demand?

June 11, 2019


Hydro excavation is becoming more and more popular these days. Excavating soil to prepare the ground for underground facilities, or to remove large segments of soil for other purposes, is a difficult task when done in traditional means vs. hydro excavation.

Why? Because hydrovac trucks are non-destructive and use pressurized water to remove the soil with precision and ease. Letting professionals with the right machine do the job saves you time and money, when compared to manually digging out the soil.

With this in mind, check out the top reasons why hydrovac truck services are in growing demand.

No Infrastructure Disruption

Hydro excavation doesn’t disrupt your infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about your utility lines buried in the ground, for instance. Also, if you have a pipe problem and need to dig out the soil to repair the pipes, hydro excavation can help you accomplish this easily without causing any further damage to the pipes.

hydro excavation projectThis is all thanks to the way hydrovac trucks work. A hydrovac truck releases pressurized water into the soil that you want to remove, which makes all the hard material inside the soil (rocks, gravel, clay, etc.) turn into a semi-liquid mixture.

This enables a vacuum hose to suck up and transfer all the soil and debris into a debris tank inside the hydrovac truck. So there’s absolutely no digging involved, which means there’s no risk of any kind of infrastructure damage.

Environment Preservation

This mode of soil excavation is good for the landscape since it is non-destructive. With quality hydrovac truck services, you can do your part in the preservation of the environment.

The vacuum used for transferring the soil and any debris to a debris tank, and other pieces of cutting-edge technologies involved, will help you quickly and effectively excavate the necessary soil, without damaging the environment.

Safety and Efficiency

hydro excavation project easier than manualHydrovac truck services are also in demand because they are very efficient, which makes them very cost-effective. Yet another of the hydro excavation benefits, and probably the most important one, is safety. These trucks ensure the safety of both excavators and their customers, apart from being safe for the environment and infrastructure.

The professionals carrying out their hydro excavation services can do their job without worrying about issues associated with traditional excavation, which means that they can fully focus on doing the job efficiently and effectively.

Excellent for All Types of Soil

Whatever type of soil you need to remove, hydro excavation is the way to go. Need to remove soil from ground that’s frozen solid? No problem! Need to dig through clay? Piece of cake!

Hydrovac trucks are designed to safely and easily remove soil, as well as debris from any kind of soil. These trucks can access virtually any area, regardless of its limited accessibility.

Are you looking for high-quality hydro excavation services in Kelowna & the Okanagan? D&L Environmental Services is here for you! We pack more than 30 years of experience in the field, we’re fully insured, and we genuinely care about the environment as well as the clients and communities we serve.

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