What Types of Septic Tank Repairs & Services Do We Perform?

November 13, 2019


If your home or property isn’t on a sewer system, chances are you are using a septic system. Septic systems are essential as they remove all wastewater.

It’s important to make sure that your septic system is in solid working condition to run efficiently without causing backups, overflows or even health issues.

Just like any other waste disposal system, septic tank systems also need to be serviced on occasion. Even if you maintain your septic tank regularly, sometimes, repairs are simply unavoidable. Apart from keeping your septic tank in good shape, we also offer a wide range of septic tank repair services you can rely on.

Fixing Broken Pipes

This is one of the most common septic tank repair services we provide.

The pipes used to take the wastewater to the drain field from the tank can get damaged by roots, the soil, or due to weather conditions.

Pipelines can often have small damage that need to be discovered before they cause significant problems. That’s the old “ounce of prevention‘ adage.

Drain Field Malfunction Repairs

diagram of septic systemThe septic drain field doesn’t last forever.

Over time, the septic field grows thicker layers so that water has little room to pass through. This causes all kinds of waste and grease to get stuck in the drain field and accumulate.

The leaching area gets clogged causing waste and water to go up to the surface. If the problem goes on for a long time without a repair, it might destroy the drain field.

In this case, no septic tank service can help repair the field, and the owner would have to dig a new one.

Septic Baffle Replacements

septic tank cleaningEvery septic tank has baffles designed to protect the drain field from solid waste.

They prevent materials from leaving the tank and getting to the drain field. Baffles often get damaged by rust or sulfuric acid, making them unable to prevent waste materials from getting out.

This kind of repair is very delicate and needs to be handled by professionals.

Additionally, in our experience, baffle issues commonly indicate more significant problems or even complete septic tank failures.

Apart from replacing your baffles, we can assess the condition of your tank and provide you with long term safety.

Septic Tank Pumping

septic pump mechanism

Every septic tank needs to be pumped at least once per year.

This is done to clean the tank out from sludge. If not, the sludge can raise so much and clog both the intake and outtake pipes.

When this happens, the waste can return to the house and rise from the ground. This can cause a lot of damage and poses health hazards.

D&L also provides emergency tank pumping.


Aerobic Unit Repairs

This septic tank service is required by people who have aerobic units.

These systems have aeration systems that have bacteria that are released into the waste to break it down faster.

Over time, these bacteria can die out, and this might cause waste clogs.

We can restore these bacteria and create a well-balanced ecosystem that will last a long time.

Contact D&L For All Your Septic Tank Service Needs

These are some of the most common septic tank repairs that we provide.

At D&L, our team of septic system specialists w all the ins and outs of septic tanks and can handle any issue large or small.

Contact us today to book your next septic system appointment.



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