What to Expect When D&L Environmental Ltd. Visits Your House for a Septic Cleaning or Pumping

February 11, 2019

Studies say that the average Canadian uses more than 400 liters of water per day. If you think that this is a lot, just imagine the amount of wastewater produced by a person every single day. Septic tanks are a lifesaver for both people and the environment. In order to keep things flowing in good order, septic cleaning and pumping is necessary once in a while. Once you’ve booked a septic cleaning or septic pumping appointment with D&L Environmental Ltd., you might be asking, what can you expect and how should you prepare?

4 Things to Expect When D&L Environmental Ltd. Visits Your House for a Septic Cleaning or Pumping

Having a septic tank that’s well-cleaned and properly maintained should not pose any problems for you. Always make sure that you have your septic tanked pumped. Here are 4 things to expect when we visit your home for septic cleaning.

We’ll need to access your home’s septic tank

First, expect us to access your home’s septic tank. As your tank is buried underground, we may have to do a bit of digging to access it unless your tank can be easily accessed via riser or a manhole-type cover. We will also be doing an inspection of your septic tank afterward. Not all septic tanks are created the same. Some older types, meanwhile, need more specialized methods of pumping and cleaning. Some take more time than others.

Waste removal will be done

After accessing and inspecting your home’s septic tank, we will proceed to the actual pumping and cleaning. The waste found inside septic tanks are both solid wastes and liquids. Needless to say that these wastes are extremely dirty, have high bacterial content, and can be quite smelly. Don’t worry, we are used to doing this, so we’ll make sure that this pumping and cleaning process does not leave a mess.

Inspection of the septic tank

If your septic tank has any notable concerns that can prove to be a hazard to you or to the environment, then we will tell you. It’s our mission to make sure that your systems are well-maintained while making it environmentally-friendly.


Expect your tank to be cleaner, to perform better, and to be more environmentally-friendly

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and pumping all make sure that your septic tanks are well-functioning. A well-functioning tank is environmentally-friendly, and will not pose any troubles for your home.

Contact D&L Environmental Ltd. for Your Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Needs

A clean, well-maintained septic tank is necessary for all homes. Our homes pump out hundreds of liters of wastewater a day, and it is the septic tank that catches all these. Make sure that your septic tank is capable of performing its job correctly. If you need your septic tank pumped or cleaned, you may contact D&L Environmental Ltd. at 250-765-0999. Learn more about our other services here.

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