What is a Septic Tank Inspection? Do I Need It?

May 9, 2019

You’ve probably heard that old saying “it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.”

Well, failing to regularly inspect and maintain your septic tank will lead to a lot of dirty jobs – and that’s not pleasant at all! Let’s look at what a septic system inspection entails and why it is important.

The reasons for needing a septic tank inspection

diagram of septic system in houseIn most cases, if you’re trying to sell your home, you’ll need a septic inspection. The same goes if you’re trying to buy a house with a septic system.

A septic inspection is a common procedure when purchasing or selling a house and the unwritten rule is for a buyer to hire an inspector to do the inspection. This inspection includes checking for pests and inspecting the septic structure of the house. Since this is one of the most important aspects of your new home, yes, you need it.

Septic inspections play a crucial role in keeping you and every other person living on your property healthy and safe. These inspections aren’t costly or time-consuming and therefore, should be regularly scheduled. Unfortunately, most homeowners completely forget about their septic tanks until something goes wrong.

It might be too late by then. A septic tank is in charge of taking care of your waste and water from the toilets, showers, sinks, and washers. It filters that water and further distributes it with the main goal aimed at decreasing soil and water pollution. Experts recommend inspecting your septic tank every three years as this service usually goes with septic tank pumping.

Inspecting and pumping are necessary to ensure that your tank is in satisfactory working order as well as healthy. Doing regular inspections is much cheaper than having to replace or repair your septic tank. Plus, this will be a good investment in the long run without any doubt.

The types of septic inspections

septic tanks in groundThere are two types of septic inspections:

  • Visual inspections – usually done by the home inspector when selling or buying a house and it includes asking questions about the property and the house, when was the last inspection and so on. The inspector then moves on with checking the water pressure in the house by running the water and flushing all the toilets in the house. The inspector will also check for cesspools, standing water, and the drain field. This type of inspection is quick and useful but it can’t really tell what’s going on with your septic tank or if it’s healthy and safe.
  • Full inspection – almost the same as visual inspection, only it includes a much more detailed inspection. This is done by professionals and skilled experts who have the proper equipment and tools for the job. It’s when inspectors check the water level in your septic tank to determine if the water is draining properly. They will also perform a couple of tests to see if everything is in order before they move on with the pumping.

It’s safe to say that you need regular septic tank inspections as these do not only save your money but keep you and your family as well as your property healthy and safe.

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