What Do Hydrovac Trucks Do in the Winter?

August 28, 2019

When winter strikes in Canada, it’s difficult to find an Okanagan hydrovac truck to perform excavations for you. As you know, Okanagan winters are cold, making underground utility work difficult or sometimes even close to impossible. Even if you are able to clean the layer of snow above the ground, the soil could freeze.

While hydrovac trucks are one of the best excavation methods, even they can have a hard time digging through the icy ground without the proper equipment and modifications. As the top hydrovac Kelowna providers, we understand the challenges involved in wintertime excavations, and we have the solution.

Here are the three main things that keep our trucks working during the harsh winter.

Hydrovac trucks are modified to dig through frozen ground

failure at excavation site need vacuum truckD&L Environmental has modern hydrovacs built to withstand cold temperatures and dig through even frozen ground. All the Okanagan hydrovac trucks we have operating in the area have powerful coil heaters that make even winter operations smooth and easy.

We heat up the water to a higher temperature and adjust the pressure depending on the conditions, so we can cut and penetrate to any depth you need, in spite of all the frost.

Our trained operators perform extensive winter maintenance

All hydrovac truck operators who work in winter conditions go through proper maintenance training. Apart from adjusting the water temperature and pressure, our operators also use several lubricating and winterizing procedures to ensure that their units are running properly.

Our trucks also have insulated and heated water lines connected to a heater near the pump cabinet. In extremely low temperatures, our operators are trained to periodically get into the can and warm up. This allows us to work extended shifts in the worst conditions without putting our crew’s safety at risk.

Hydrovac trucks are outfitted with specialized equipment

vacuum truckIt’s always important to have a safety net and take all possible precautions in harsh weather. Hydrovac trucks need different tires during winter to ensure that they don’t slide. Apart from using good winter tires, we also install tire chains to further improve mobility and traction.

As a precaution, our operators are always instructed to start their vehicles half an hour before going out, to heat up the engine block and the whole system.

We also use antifreeze so that the unit can never go out of commission while in the field. The air tanks are also drained several times each day to ensure that there is no risk of freezing.

Call on The Experts at D&L Environmental

As you can see, with proper precautions, the right equipment, and a bit of extra maintenance, our trucks can keep on working even during the coldest months. We offer our Okanagan hydrovac excavation services throughout the year, and we’re ready to take on any task regardless of the weather conditions.

D&L Environmental has been doing this for years, and we know how to deal with any challenge that the Okanagan winter can throw our way.

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