Septic Tips for Springtime

March 25, 2020
Spring is the time for many great things like vacations, spending time with your family, and such wonderful activities. It’s also the time to prepare your septic system for the change in seasons. Warm weather brings along the flowers and greenery, but it also brings a lot of rain.
Lots of rain leads to the overworked or flooded septic system. Since it’s better to be prepared for such a surge of precipitation, these tips will help you prepare your septic system for springtime.

1. Redirect your gutters

Spring is the time of excess rainfalls, and the best way to get your septic systems ready is to redirect your gutters. Make sure to position them to face away from the drain field and other important components of your septic system to avoid flooding. The better you maintain your system, the easier it is to avoid a costly septic tank repair.

2. Check your yard for pooling

Pooling tends to happen after it rains. If you see standing water in your yard, the chances are that your drain field is flooded.
You can prevent this before it escalates by performing regular inspections. If you have a flooded drain field, it might damage your tank, so it’s better to prevent that from happening.

3. Inspect your tank filter

Regular maintenance is the best advice we can give to all septic tank owners. That’s how you determine if your septic system is fully functional. One of the factors that directly impact the functionality of your tank is the tank filter.
Winter can be really hard on your tank, especially the filter. It can become clogged with debris, scum, dirt, and mud. A clogged filter makes you tank overwork and eventually fail, disrupting your system.

4. Check the drain

Your pipes and drains are extremely important for the overall health of your septic tank. If they get clogged, you risk a full septic failure, which can lead to flooding and other damage.
Make sure you clean your drain and check the pipes. It’s best to leave this to professionals, so consider hiring a professional septic cleaning service to make sure your tank is in working order. This is an investment that will pay off in the long term.

5. Waterproof the basement

The worst thing that can happen, aside from a flooded septic tank, is a flooded basement. The damage and all the repairs are just too much to deal with. To avoid all this, inspect your basement drainage, including the sump pump.
Make all necessary checks and perform repairs if needed. If you need assistance, ask for professional help, as it’s much better to leave these things to professionals than to risk any further damage.
Regular checks should be performed every three months, so make sure there are no cracks, damages, and so on in your system. In case that you do need a professional septic tank repair, make sure you contact us to get a quote. Our team of experts will make sure your septic system is in order.

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