Septic System Advice: How to Prevent Sewer Backup

December 24, 2019

tools for clearing a septic system for better maintenance

Sewer backup and flooding can become serious problems if left untreated.

Most septic systems are prone to septic backup – or sewer backup – but there are effective prevention measures to help minimize any chances of sewer or water infiltration.

Dangers of a Sewer Backup

illustration of residential septic system & sewer hookup

A sewer backup can cause severe flooding, which can turn into a veritable nightmare for a homeowner.

Septic system backups can damage everything in its way:

  • electrical infrastructure
  • furniture
  • walls & floors

Unfortunately, this problem has become pretty standard lately since most sewer and septic systems are aging.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to prevent sewer backup.

Regular Septic System Maintenance is Vital

Sewer and septic backup is a problem that can quickly escalate.

The best way to prevent it is to maintain your sewer lateral. Maintaining the pipeline between the city’s sewer main and your house will help you avoid any unnecessary risks.

Check your lateral now and then to see if it’s filled with deteriorated or cracked tree roots.

Proper grease disposal

Avoid pouring grease or cooking oil into the drain.

Grease can cause a clog in the main sewer or drain, as it will solidify upon cooling off.

Proper paper disposal

plastic pipes for septic system

Feminine products, cloth, disposable diapers and paper towels should not be thrown into the drain. These products and materials take a very long time to decompose.

Because of that, they will clog your line, causing a sewer backup that could flood your property, home and everything in it.

In case that you find any paper during your regular checkups, perform a prompt cleanup to minimize the possible damage of a septic backup.

Try Plastic Piping for Your Septic System

You can create a far more effective and secure line by considering plastic piping.

They can withstand a lot of damage and weather conditions while they are resilient to tree roots.

Avoid Illegal Plumbing Connections

working to unclog septic systemIllegal connections can cause silt and debris to clog your pipes.

Always go with standard drainage systems.

Your connection depends on the area where you live.

If it’s illegal to connect other flood control systems, sump pumps or French drains to your sewer, try some other solution.

Consider a Valve for Backwater Prevention

A backwater prevention valve can be directly installed onto your sewer line.

It prevents sewage from going back in.

If installed correctly and regularly maintained, this valve is the line of protection against any sewer backups, flooding problems and so on.

Hire professionals to maintain and clean up your septic system

Preventing sewer problems from escalating is a far better solution than having to come up with a rushed solution.

The best thing to do if you have a sewer backup problem is to hire a reputable and experienced crew, with proper expertise and equipment to remove the spillage and clear out all pipes and drainage.

It’s also recommended to disinfect and flush out plumbing fixtures to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate into something even worse.

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