Hydrovac Trucks in Vernon: How Hydro Excavation is Superior

February 24, 2020

vacuum truck for hydrovac

The most effective way to excavate soil in Vernon, BC, is by using a non-destructive method called hydro excavation. This process involves using vacuums (hydrovac) and pressurized water to scatter and break up the soil. The water mixes with the soil, softening it up, after which the mud mixture is removed.

To contain this mud, our Vernon hydrovac professionals use special debris tanks of vacuum trucks for hydro excavation. Aside from being the most effective excavation method, hydro excavation is also the most accurate and safest method of soil excavation, mostly used in underground utilities.

Hydrovac is far superior to any machine excavation method, as it provides a wide range of benefits. We’ll name a few reasons why hydro excavation is superior. Hydro excavation in Vernon, BC, is available from D&L Environmental Services.

1. Hydro Excavation Means Safety & Efficiency

Hydro excavation is the most preferred method of soil excavation today, simply because it’s much safer than machine excavation.

It’s also more accurate than any other method, which helps reduce human error and minimize injury to workers.

Hydrovac makes the entire excavation site safer while it ensures that no damage comes to existing underground structures. This is crucial for workers who are working in underground areas where mains power and other related lines, gas lines, and sewage lines are present.

If digging equipment hits these lines by mistake, the consequences could be lethal, while damage is unavoidable. If you’re looking fora safer and better option for digging trenches and soil, it’s hydro excavation that you want!

2. Daylighting with Hydrovac

vacuum truckAside from increasing safety, one of the biggest reasons for using hydro excavation is for daylighting.

Daylighting is the method of digging the ground to locate and expose underground utilities.

Hydro excavation trucks use pressurized water to soften and break up the soil, which will then be removed using a vacuum system.

Since existing utilities tend to be fragile, it’s paramount not to damage or disturb them.

To ensure maximum efficiency and safety, hydrovac uses vacuum and water.

This method is also used by many contractors and construction experts to locate the horizontal and vertical underground utilities.

3. Cost-efficiency Thanks to Hydrovac

Any digging project includes repairs that can be fairly costly. These costs can be greatly reduced by using the method of hydro excavation.

Hydro excavation keeps the digging site safe and protected while ensuring minimal damage.

Even if there are repair costs, this hydrovac method will help reduce these expenses.

When compared to other machine excavation methods, hydro excavation doesn’t cause any unnecessary restoration and repair costs.

Hydro excavation prevents all these expenses instead.

D&L Hydrovac & Hydro Excavation in Vernon

That aside, hydro excavation also helps people complete projects much faster, with fewer man-hours, by eliminating any service interruptions and preventing damage.

That is why this method is known as non-destructive, and it helps reduce costs.

For industrial vacuum and hydro excavation services in Vernon, BC, feel free to get in touch with the team of Vernon hydrovac experts at D&L Environmental Services.

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