How Vacuum Trucks Work & Whom They Benefit

March 11, 2020


Many people find industrial vacuum trucks amazing. They can clean industrial tanks in just a couple of minutes despite their size. On top of that, they haul waste materials away like its nothing.

Below you will find the information about DL Environmental’s vacuum trucks and why we use them for a variety of cleaning services.

How Does a Vacuum Truck Work?

The vacuum truck works similarly to a pool pump, only on a much larger scale. A powerful electric pump removes air from the tank, creating a strong vacuum inside the truck.
Once the truck makes the vacuum in the tank, the technicians open the primary and secondary shutoff valves on the suction hose. The laws of physics kick in, and the tank tries to equalize the pressure inside. This is when the truck actually starts to suck up waste materials, including liquids and sludge.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Trucks

There are plenty of advantages to using vacuum trucks, but the following ones are the most important.





Cleaning industrial tanks can turn into an expensive operation if you don’t use assets that can do it on site. Industrial vacuum trucks are equipped with very powerful pumps that enable them to do the job very quickly.


Cleaning an industrial tank by any other means than using a vacuum truck is inconvenient, and time consuming. Only the industrial trucks feature strong enough pumps and high-quality hoses to get the job done. The alternative is much more hands on, and with some jobs like cleaning septic tanks it can be very difficult to find employees willing to do that particular part of the job.




When cleaning an industrial tank, you have to abide by safety standards and procedures. Handing over this task to an experienced crew operating an industrial vacuum truck mitigates the risks and ensures that you do everything inside the legal framework.

Professional vacuum truck companies work only with certified and fully trained crews and invest in equipment maintenance to adhere to even the highest safety regulations.


The industrial vacuum trucks category encompasses a variety of vacuum trucks built to handle different cleaning jobs, including cleaning of dry and wet debris. Thanks to their huge tanks, they can haul away large amounts of waste and hazardous materials.


Increased Efficiency

Between the mobility of vacuum trucks and the speed at which they can complete jobs, DL Environmental’s services are much faster than traditional means. Faster means less disruptive to the customer, and quicker turn-around times from job to job.

Vacuum trucks for septic cleaning and excavating are the perfect tool to complete jobs efficiently, safely, and at a lower cost to the customer.

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