How Often to Clean a Septic Tank

March 11, 2019


How often should you have your septic tank cleaned?

While this will vary depending on the size and configuration of the tank, amongst other factors, it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to septic tank cleaning. Today we’ll explore the benefits of regular septic tank cleaning and get to the bottom – no pun intended – of how often you should clean out your septic tank.

The World of Septic

Septic tanks are used for collecting domestic wastewater from buildings and homes. These tanks are essential since they allow the basic treatment of sewage before this sewage is pumped out for further cleaning. The septic tank accumulates a lot of waste and bacteria as a result.

Septic tanks are basically underground containers that collect wastewater. This means that they need to be pumped every once in a while to keep the tank functioning properly.schematic drawing of a septic system

4 Factors that Affect How Often You Should have Your Septic Tank Cleaned

Many factors affect how often septic tanks need to be pumped and cleaned. The smart way is to determine the factors in your home that can increase the frequency. Here are 4 factors that affect how often you should have your septic tank cleaned.

How often your household uses toilets and other facilities in the home

As a general rule, the more usage that your toilets, baths, and sinks see, the more quickly your septic tank fills up. The frequency of use is a crucial factor in determining how often you should have your septic tank pumped. Take note that just because your toilets are used often does not necessarily mean that the septic tank is subjected to more stressful conditions. You also have to take note of the many other factors that will dictate how often pumping needs to be done.

The number of people in your building

The number of people in your building also plays an important factor in how quickly the septic tank becomes filled up. The general trend is that the more people occupy a certain building, the more frequently the tank needs to be pumped and cleaned. This is even truer for residential buildings, where there is constant human activity day and night.

The size of the septic tank

The size of the septic tank is one of the biggest factors in determining the frequency of pumping and cleaning. A septic tank in a multi-person home could require cleaning about every couple of years. The largest tanks in a building with less use, on the other hand, can go several years before needing to be cleaned. Again, make sure that you note the number of occupants the building has, as well as the activity.

septic tank in the groundThe presence of certain installations that deal with household concerns

There are certain items in the home that will increase how often the tank needs to be pumped. Some of these are the following:

  • The presence of a sewage ejector pump
  • Laundry and cleaning facilities
  • The use of garbage disposal units

Have your septic tank assessed, cleaned, and pumped

Doing so on a regular basis makes sure that your home’s tank continues to function properly. D&L Environmental Services is a company that has been operational for more than 2 decades. We are highly experienced in this field, and we are sure to keep your home’s sewage system functional. You may contact us at 250 765 0999, or use this handy form to get in touch.


Images courtesy EPA; Sustainable Sanitation Alliance; EMsmile (Wikipedia)

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