How Is Septic Tank Repair Performed?

February 10, 2020

hose on fence attached to septic systemJust like anything in your household, your septic tank is susceptible to many types of damage, such as leaking. Fortunately, all septic tank issues are usually accompanied by various warning signs.

The most common warning signs are overflowing toilets, lush vegetation around the tank and odd smells coming from the septic tank.

Regardless of your septic system being old or new, all septic tanks experience problems. If you want to avoid complete septic system failure, you must take measures on time either before or as soon as the signs begin to show.

Warning signs of a malfunctioning septic system

septic tank and septic systemThere are many different warning signs that your septic system is ready for repair.

Here are the most common signs of trouble in a residential septic system:

  • Foul odor
  • Lush vegetation
  • Soggy yard
  • Rising water levels around the tank
  • Slot-to-drain or backing up sinks and toilets
  • Alarm sounds

These warning signs might be saying that your septic tank is leaking or damaged, and needs to be repaired. That aside, an overflowing septic tank can be the result of many different factors such as:

  • Design flaws
  • Environmental factors
  • Insufficient maintenance
  • Cleaning products in the wastewater causing changes
  • Damaged pipes

Fortunately, you can do something about it and prevent further damage to your septic system.

Here’s what to do in case you need to perform a septic tank repair.

Tips for repairing your septic tank

septic tank and septic system

First of all, don’t panic as repairing your septic tank isn’t a big deal if you have it done in good time.

Since leaking is the most common problem, we’ll share some of the most useful tips on how to repair a leaking septic tank.

1. Don’t try to pump water out

This is crucial for a successful repair – do not pump water out. Wastewater in your septic tank is a severe health hazard.

Pumping it out can seriously endanger the health of you and your family. It gets even worse if this water finds its way into a freshwater stream. Wastewater leads to waterborne disease, something that you’ll want to avoid at any cost.

2. Locate your system

septic tank and septic manholeIf your tank is flooded, wastewater will come through any opening in its path, including the tank cover, manhole, outlet and inlet pipes.

It leads to filling up your septic tank with groundwater, carrying silt and soil along with it.

The problem is that all the floating waste will get inside the septic tank, causing it to clog by plugging up the pipes.

If you can’t locate your septic tank, it’s best to call septic tank repair professionals.

3. Damage inspection

Inspect around the drain field and septic tank for any indications of damage. Our Okanagan septic system experts can easily spot common indicators like soil settling or holes.

Septic system inspection is best left to the capable hands of professionals that have all the necessary equipment to do it while ensuring safety.

We can measure the depth of the groundwater and take all necessary steps of precaution to reduce any further damage.

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