How Hydrovac Trucks Are Used In Hydro Excavation

November 23, 2019

hydro excavation in the okanagan

The Okanagan climate might seem to make excavation difficult to perform when the soil is frozen. But hydrovac trucks with warm water make the whole process a lot easier.

Hydro excavation is the process of moving soil using pressurized water, where debris or soil is moved to a tank using an air vacuum.

With this method of excavation, the whole process is more precise and less destructive.

How Hydrovac Trucks Work

hydro excavation siteAs far as hydro excavation in Kelowna and around the Okanagan, it started after Canadian gas and oil industries popularized this concept.

Hydrovac trucks used for excavation use a combination of air vacuum and pressured water. They generate a lot of force that can cut through the soil. All the debris that was broken up is then sucked in by the vacuum and then moved to the debris tank.

Hydrovac trucks can have two types of vacuums – a displacement blower or a fan system.

Displacement blowers move the air and the material more slowly. They can operate at a greater depth, and this is their only advantage.

On the other hand, fan systems can move a lot more air per second, which makes the excavation a lot faster. These systems give more precision and better control.

On top of that, they are lighter, which makes the truck lighter. Overall, they are a better option for hydrovac trucks.

Hydrovac Truck Applications

excavation siteOur hydrovac trucks are deployed throughout the Okanagan, building subsurface utilities and underground structures.

The excavation process for these kinds of utilities carries a lot of risks, and the whole process can be challenging. Our hydro excavation in Pentiction, Vernon, Kelowna & elsewhere in the region has reduced these risks significantly.

Hydrovac trucks are used for pole, sign, and line location as well as installation. We also use them for daylighting and potholing.

Hydro excavation is also often used for pipe or sewer rehabilitation, landscaping, and sensitive excavation where the environment needs to be preserved as much as possible.

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

preparing for hydro excavationHydrovac excavation is overall more accurate and efficient, and this is why it carries many benefits. The most important benefit is the improved safety control and damage reduction.

They can’t be compared to mechanical excavation methods. The accuracy reduces the amounts of injuries and accidents while ensuring that the digging is on point.

Additionally, hydrovac excavation reduces underground pipe damage, cables, and lines.

This means that there aren’t any costs associated with restoration and repair jobs.

Fewer repairs also mean less time required to finish the whole job.

In the end, this method reduces liability and insurance costs.

D&L Environmental: Okanagan Hydro Excavation & Hydrovac Truck Leaders

Hydrovac excavation trucks are a preferred method that gives customers all of the conveniences they need.

For the best hydrovac truck service in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or elsewhere in the Okanagan, contact us today.

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