Hiring a Pump Truck for Cleanup

August 14, 2020

Septic Tank being pumped in KelownaIf you’re someone that is looking to do some cleanup around your property, then you may be trying to figure out if hiring a pump truck is going to make a difference for you. More often than not, you’re going to want to look at options that fit what you need to get done.

But, what sorts of things can a pump truck help you with? Here’s a quick look at some of the most common jobs that can be completed with the help of a pump truck.

Septic Cleanup

Cleaning up your septic tank – or after a septic tank problem – takes a specific type of cleaning process. Pump trucks can come in and make sure that all of the excess junk from your septic tank is able to be removed and cleaned up as necessary. Most trucks can take up to 24,000 Liters of waste in one haul, so that means that you can get it dealt with as quickly as possible.

Hazardous Waste Issues

Other types of hazardous waste can also be taken care of with the help of a pump truck. Pump trucks are often called in for hazardous waste spills or if they have been dumped off for one reason or another. The trucks and their pumps are designed to withstand a lot of use and abuse, so no matter how hazardous the materials may be, they can handle it without worry of breaking down or causing more of a mess.

Sludge Removal for Ponds

Ponds end up with a lot of junk in them as time goes on, even if you do your best to try and keep everything as neat and clean as you possibly can. Over time, the water causes the dirt and rocks to erode off of the bottom. But, that erosion often combines with the pond water, which is what creates sludge. Pump trucks are able to come in and take the sludge from the bottom of the pond, while removing little to no water from it.

Mud and Other Clean Up for Construction

Pump trucks can also be used to help at construction sites. Some sites are near hills or other muddy areas, and there may be some mud that needs to be dealt with before construction or digging can begin. Pump trucks can come in, get rid of the mud, and make it easier for construction crews to continue their work.

If you need a pump truck, our professional and personable staff at D&L Environmental can help you to sort out what you need and determine what may be best in regards to the bigger picture. Seek out what makes the most sense for your purposes and shop around for a company that can assist you. In the end, you’ll have a much easier time of everything that needs to be done. 

D&L Environmental pump trucks can be used for vacuuming up septic spills, mud slurry, car wash and drilling mud, pipeline work, hazardous waste clean ups, sludge ponds and much more.  No job is too big or small and we can haul up to 24,000L of waste in one load so just give us a call today!.

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