Equipment List


Equipment List

  • 3 hydro excavating vacuum trucks
  • 3 environmental hazardous waste DOT spec. certified trucks
  • 8 vacuum trucks
  • Sewer flusher/jet rodder
  • Hazardous waste tridem trailer vacuum pup
  • 1 service van with steam unit
  • Metal Detector
  • 2 cameras with video recording
  • Gravel truck
  • Gas monitors & electric grounding mats
  • Davit, winches & fresh air equipment for confined space entry
  • 3 Hydro excavating vacuum trucks
  • 3 Environmental hazardous waste DOT spec. certified trucks
  • 8 Vacuum trucks
  • Sewer flusher/jet rodder
  • Hazardous waste tridem trailer vacuum pump
  • 1 Service van with steam unit
  • Metal Detector
  • 2 Cameras with video recording
  • Gravel truck
  • Gas monitors & electric grounding mats
  • Davit, winches & fresh air equipment for confined space entry
3 Hydro excavating vacuum trucks

Our hydro excavating vacuum trucks, or hydrovacs, are capable of seamlessly excavating any type of soil by combining high-pressure water and air vacuum. After pressurized water breaks up the soil, the air vacuum collects it from the excavation area and transfers it into a debris tank, ensuring the surrounding area remains perfectly clean.

These high-precision hydro excavation trucks significantly reduce safety risks and prevent any potential damage to pipes, cables, and lines located under the ground.

They eliminate interruptions and help efficiently provide accurate and cost-effective results while also minimizing potential accidents and injuries on site.

With potential repairs and safety risks on the lower end, our trucks help quickly get the job done and meet all our customers’ needs.

3 Environmental hazardous waste DOT spec. certified trucks

Hazardous waste can be detrimental to the environment and the health of people and animals. It’s essential to dispose of it properly and safely so that it poses no threat whatsoever.

We understand the huge importance of properly disposing of hazardous waste, which is why we have the best environmental hazardous waste trucks in our fleet. They all carry a DOT specification seal of quality that also ensures our drivers are competent to operate these specific trucks on US roads and highways.

You don’t ever have to worry about dangerous waste polluting the environment and causing serious health issues. D&L’s certified trucks can help you remove it safely, efficiently, and effectively, and prevent any contamination.

8 Vacuum trucks

Our high-quality vacuum trucks can help you remove any liquids, sludge, or slurries from a particular location. They use a powerful vacuum pump to pneumatically pump out sludge, liquid, or wet or dry soil from various locations, which are usually underground.

The vacuum pump transports the liquid material into the tank of the truck while keeping the surrounding area intact.

This is a very cost-effective and efficient method of removing liquid materials. We have a fleet of 8 vacuum trucks that deliver excellent performance and results.

Our vacuum truck drivers are experts in removing any material from sewers, drains, septic tanks, basins, water treatment ponds, and more. They always take proper safety measures while ensuring they satisfy every customer’s needs.

Sewer flusher/jet rodder

Our equipment for sewer flushing and jet rodding is excellent at cleaning sewer lines and removing grease or any type of accumulated debris.

When using our sewer flusher device, we use high-pressure water to efficiently and effectively collect any loose debris from sewer lines and flush it back to the manhole, before leveraging the device’s powerful vacuum loading to remove it quickly.

Our jet rodder uses the sewer nozzle and high-pressure water to cut through grease and any remaining debris in sewer lines and ensure they are clean and fully functional.

These pieces of equipment are great for both residential and commercial use. Apart from reducing blockages and eliminating odours, they also reduce expenses and prevent potential health hazards.

Hazardous waste tridem trailer vacuum pump

Our tridem trailer vacuum pump for removing hazardous waste is another piece of advanced equipment we use for keeping the environment and its residents perfectly safe.

Hazardous waste isn’t something that you can put in a box and throw away when it puts your well-being in danger. You need to know how to safely dispose of it and ensure that it’s no longer a threat to you or anyone else.

Whether you encounter hazardous waste at home or in a lab, D&L is here for you. With our hazardous waste tridem trailer vacuum pump, we can seamlessly pump out the waste and dispose of it according to the regulations and standards on hazardous waste disposal.

1 Service van with steam unit

With our steam unit service van, you can have your sewer or drain line perfectly clean in no time. The steam unit will help remove all the accumulated grease and other debris in the pipes. In doing so, it will also eliminate unpleasant odour and potential health hazards.

Our steam unit van is also very effective when it comes to thawing frozen pipes. You should never let frozen pipes thaw on their own, nor should you use a propane tank, as it poses a fire risk.

Taking advantage of our service van with a steam unit is the safest and most effective (both in terms of time and costs) method for thawing your frozen pipes, as the system gradually generates steam.

Metal Detector

Our advanced metal detector enables us to find any metal object buried under the ground in record time. We can help you locate concealed manhole covers, drainage runs or chambers, septic tanks, valve lids, junction boxes, and underground pipes, efficiently pinpointing those that may be leaking.

We can also locate any metal object or debris that may be causing a sewer line blockage. It’s very important for detecting potential heavy metal pollution. By identifying and disposing of metal waste, we help protect the environment and prevent serious health problems for residents.

If you need a hand finding anything metal that is either buried or concealed, our high-precision metal detector can help you do the job.

2 Cameras with video recording

No matter the reason for hiring us, you’ll never have to worry about D&L getting the job done right. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we will always go the extra mile to make sure we meet all your needs.

That’s why we use state-of-the-art cameras with video recording capabilities when inspecting any confined or hard-to-reach spaces that require evaluation or repair. When cleaning your septic tanks, sewer lines, or any other underground pipe or chamber, we will use our cameras to get a closer inside look first.

Real-time videos enable us to quickly identify a problem and understand exactly what we are dealing with.

Gravel truck

With our heavy-duty gravel truck, we can safely transport any kind of gravel from various locations. It’s capable of hauling tonnes of material. It’s also in top shape, so you don’t have to worry about safety issues or breakage that would cause work interruptions on your construction site.

D&L can help you lift the gravel and deposit it anywhere you want. We can help you load it with more than just gravel, as it can safely transport concrete, rock, asphalt, wood, triple mix, sand, and much more.

Gas monitors & electric grounding mats

Gas monitoring is vital for organizations that use or produce dangerous gases. Our industry-grade gas monitors can instantly detect gas concentrations or areas with low oxygen, immediately alerting you about any dangerous situation and potential safety risks.

We can help you detect any toxic, combustible or flammable gas before it wreaks havoc in your organization and puts your staff’s safety at risk.

Our electrical grounding mats also help eliminate safety risks when operating switches or other electrostatic-sensitive devices. With our grounding mats, you can be perfectly safe from high voltage due to potential electrical faults.

Our D&L team always uses grounding mats when handling electrical tasks, so you can be sure that everyone else in the vicinity will remain perfectly safe.

Davit, winches & fresh air equipment for confined space entry

At D&L Environmental, we employ davit systems and winches for helping our workers enter confined spaces. With these pieces of equipment, we can easily raise, lower, or support our workers while they are performing their routine tasks in confined spaces, such as manholes, vaults and pump stations.

Making sure that there is enough fresh air is also a must in these situations, which is why we use top-notch fresh air equipment. A confined space may include various hazards, such as toxic or flammable substances, excessive heat, or lack of oxygen. With our fresh air equipment, there is absolutely no risk of fire, asphyxiation, drowning, or any other hazard.

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