Drilling Mud & Hydro Excavation: How It’s Done

October 24, 2019

drilling mud


Drilling mud is also known as drilling fluid.

It’s common in the oil and gas industry and is used at numerous sites across BC including the Okanagan. Drilling mud is a viscous and heavy mixture of dirt and fluid, mostly used in gas and oil drilling efforts to cool and lubricate the drill bit that cuts through rocks and turf.

Drilling mud has two main functions:

  • To prevent the water intrusion from water-bearing strata
  • To prevent the unstable strata from collapsing into the borehole

Drilling mud is typically based on water. Traditionally, it’s either prepared brines, naturally occurring brines or seawater. There are also drilling muds from oil-based products that come from the refining of petroleum, such as mineral oil or diesel oil.

How to Dispose of Drilling Mud

drilling mud emanating from pipeIf you need to dispose of mud that’s been drilled, the best way to do it is by hiring professionals with a hydro excavation truck. Hydro excavation provides higher accuracy at removing hazardous waste like drilling mud and is safer for both the environment and laborers.

On top of that, when you decide to hire a professional, full-service vacuum truck company like D&L Environmental, you get industrial vacuums that are ideal for large industries that need immediate results. You’ll get commercial-grade cleaning power and the highest standard industrial vacuum equipment at competitive prices.

The industrial hydro excavation trucks have the capacity to remove and safely dispose of drilling mud without endangering the environment or the workers. This is, by far, the most effective way to keep your digging site safe, clean and protected.

Effective Hydro Excavation Saves Time & Money

hydro excavation siteThe reason why hydro excavation is so widely adopted across industries like the oil and gas industries is that this is a safe, affordable, effective, reliable, and non-destructive method of uncovering buried infrastructure.

High-powered vacuum machines are extremely effective at recycling and moving oil-based drilling mud while making sure that land-based drill rigs remain fully operational.

Most pipeline or plant owners require hydro excavation services because it is the fastest, cheapest and safest way to excavate.

Huge and incredibly powerful vacuum pumps use their super sucking power to clean out heavy and thick oil-based drilling mud.

When it comes to doing it with efficiency, hydro excavation is the best way to be safe & sure.

Moving Mud & Hydro Excavation in the Okanagan

drilling mudThe process of moving mud is pretty simple. We arrive at a drilling rig and use our sucking power to remove drilling mud. What happens to oil-based drilling mud depends on the client’s requirements.

We also worry about keeping the trucks clean of any oil-based residue that might endanger the environment. D&L Environmental has a clear policy stating that safety comes first. The personnel involved uses only high-end gear and equipment to make sure the job is done according to the highest standards.

We employ top-class vacuum and hydraulic systems to ensure the full and complete satisfaction of our clients.

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