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August 15, 2019

The Municipal Water Use Report from 2011 showed that around 12.5% of Canadian households use a septic system, with their number steadily growing. Septic systems come with various benefits and their increase in popularity is understandable.

However, septic tanks need to be maintained properly and, even then, they have to be pumped so that they don’t overflow or get clogged. This is something that has to be done at minimum every 3 years but, even then, there is no guarantee that issues won’t arise.


July 25, 2019

“What is a leach field?”

This is a question we get asked from time to time. And generally it’s one of those inquiries that comes from two specific situations. Chances are pretty good that you are either trying to find as much information as possible before installing a new septic tank system, or you are experiencing a septic problem.


July 15, 2019

In the past, people had to rely on traditional methods of unearthing buried lines. Quite often, these projects had to be carried out manually. Hydrovac daylighting is here to completely change this process. D&L Environmental offers a wide range of hydro excavating services, including daylighting and removal of contaminated soil. Thanks to our modern Hydrovac trucks, Hydrovac daylighting improves job efficiency, saves time and money, and improves project safety.


June 24, 2019



Septic systems can be beneficial to both their users and the environment, but only if they’re properly maintained. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions out there regarding septic system, and because of these some people either shy away from going into a home with septic system (as opposed to sewer lines) or aren’t properly maintaining their systems.


May 24, 2019


Are you in the middle of a septic emergency? If your sinks and toilets are backing up and not draining properly, that’s a situation that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. It could be a clog in the drain, or somewhere down the pipes. Or it could be a bigger issue with your septic system. Since you can’t know what the problem is without knowing what to look for, let’s find out what could be causing that backup and how to deal with it!


April 24, 2019

Septic systems keep your home’s water system clean. As such, septic tanks need to be taken care of so they will continue working efficiently. There are also some things to note to make sure that the sewage does not get backed up. Proper care of your home’s sewage system will keep your water system clean and your family safe.