4 Septic System Myths – We Debunk Them for You

June 24, 2019



Septic systems can be beneficial to both their users and the environment, but only if they’re properly maintained. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions out there regarding septic system, and because of these some people either shy away from going into a home with septic system (as opposed to sewer lines) or aren’t properly maintaining their systems.

Don’t worry, we debunk the most common septic system myths right here so that you can make sure you never have to deal with clogged pipes, backups, unpleasant odors, or costly repairs.


“Septic Pumping Is Expensive and Unnecessary”

 While the initial cost may seem high, septic pumping is a must! All the waste in the system accumulates over time, so regular pumping is a necessity – unless you want the water to start pooling or other serious problems to occur. Better to spend a little now than to spend a lot later!

Many people think that pumping is more expensive than repairs, which also isn’t true. Repairs can cost you a lot more money.

So, schedule the pumping of your septic system every 3-5 years to make sure you avoid serious problems and save money in the long run. Some municipalities require specific interval pumping, so be sure to check how it is where you live.

 septic system under lawn

“A Full Tank Means the Septic System Needs Pumping”

You don’t need to pump your septic tank when it becomes full right away. It doesn’t mean that the water will start pooling, or that other problems will definitely occur.

What you need to pay attention to are sludge levels, and take into consideration the overall water usage in your home. Those two will determine when the right time to schedule your septic pumping is.


“I Can Safely Build on Top of My Septic Tank”

This is one misconception that has the power to cause the biggest problems to people who hold it. Building something above your septic tank can lead to strain and stress to the system, and can cause some serious damages.

Even a little shed, or any other structure (even if it’s temporary), can cause issues because septic tanks are not designed to support any kind of weight above them. Also, your system cannot function properly if you block its access to the necessary oxygen.


“Additives Will Benefit My Septic System”

septic system cleaning pumpingVarious companies promote a wide range of additives designed for septic tanks, and lots of people flock to buy them. However, you don’t really need these, because you don’t need to supplement the microorganisms that are already present in your septic tank. There’s no need for additional enzymes.

Actually, additives could potentially cause problems, because they could lead to an imbalance of bacteria in your septic tank. There are already good bacteria processing waste down there, so don’t disrupt the balance by introducing them to additives.


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